The FBI's anti-extremism videogame is terrible

The FBI's anti-extremism videogame is terrible

If someone said to you that the FBI was making a video-game focused website to combat extremism, you'd know before we even started that it was terrible.Amazingly though this isn't some theoretical joke post, but a reality: the FBI really did make a site in the hopes that it would educate people on the slippery slope to becoming a terrorist.

Better yet you can play its game yourself by visiting the FBI's website. It's called "Slippery Slope," and has you playing as a goat... for some reason. You run along a slope, dodging blocks and slipping and sliding from one side to the other with horribly inaccurate movement.

Still the levels aren't difficult, but each time you complete one of the six, you're shown a bit of "distorted logic," that gives you an idea of what someone who is angry might do in certain situations. Kind of like a slow version of the "hate leads to the dark side," mantra from Star Wars. Except fed to you piecemeal in a bizarre fashion.

The whole website is designed to cater to younger people who want to learn more about extremism and its effects on the world, but it's just all terrible. The site feels outdated and clunky. As Gizmodo puts it, it's like a horrible attempt at a 90s educational video game, with clunky transitions between overly animated menus and endless text that nobody is going to read.

There's even a '90s computer in the digital room for some reason. It goes hand in hand with an original GameBoy, which the Slippery Slope game is played on.

That's a piece of kit that's over 20 years old and yet the FBI thinks this will target the teens of today? I'm surprised it's not doing a react video about how they have no idea what a Game Boy is, instead of this nonsense.