FEAR Development Kit Now Available

FEAR Development Kit Now Available FEAR Development Kit Now Available

Touchdown Entertainment announced the availability of FEAR Technology, the full-featured development kit used to create F.E.A.R., the upcoming action thriller from Vivendi Universal Games and Monolith Productions. FEAR Technology features a new DirectX 9 rendering pipeline that utilizes dynamic per pixel lighting and shaders for environments and objects. The kit also includes an integrated version of the Havok Physics product, networking and a complete suite of content creation tools.

Expanding upon the success of Jupiter Technology, which has been used by developers around the world, we are thrilled to introduce FEAR Technology, said Jeffery Hutt, President and CEO of Touchdown Entertainment. With FEAR, we are enabling developers to create games and simulations with an unprecedented level of realism.

FEAR Technology has leveraged Havok Physics at the core to allow game designers to implement unique 'game play physics' within a user-friendly tool chain, said Jeff Yates, Vice President, Product Development of Havok.

FEAR is powered by a new flexible, extensible, and data driven DirectX 9 renderer that uses materials for rendering all visual objects. Each material associates an HLSL shader with artist-editable parameters used for rendering, including texture maps (normal, specular, emissive, etc.), colors, and numeric constants.

Lighting Model
FEAR features a unified Blinn-Phong per-pixel lighting model, allowing each light to generate both diffuse and specular lighting consistently across all solid objects in the environment. The lighting pipeline uses the following passes:

The emissive pass allows objects to display a glow effect and establishes the depth buffer to improve performance.

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