Final Fantasy VII delay means you can't play on PC until April 2021

Delays should mean better games, and that's better than a rushed game. After all, a late game will still get here one day, but a bad game is always a bad game. The difference with Final Fantasy VII's remake though, is that it has a year-long exclusivity deal which only starts when the game debuts. So PC players, who may want to play the game on the best looking platform they can, won't be able to play the remake until April 2021, thanks to another delay.

Announced this week to much derision from the community, the game has been pushed back to an April 10 launch, giving developers another month or so to tweak and polish the experience. That means that we can't expect the game to launch anywhere else until April 10 2021.

It's not yet clear which platforms Final Fantasy VII Remake will debut on, but PC seems like a safe bet. We can't see it showing up on the Switch, but PlayStation 5 compatibility seems likely too. It's not clear if the exclusivity deal bars it from appearing on other Sony platforms, though.

Which platform would you like to play the new Final Fantasy on?

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