Fortnite New Year event triggers early for gamers

Hoping to not miss out anyone's timely New Year celebrations, Epic made its Fortnite New Year event happen on the hour every hour throughout New Years Eve 2018, making for some confused gamers, as per Kotaku.

The event itself saw a giant New York-esque disco ball appear in the sky as the hour approached. At the appropriate time, a countdown would start and when the ball dropped, fireworks and confetti would go off around the map, forcing all players to dance on the spot to celebrate — before getting back to murdering each other.

The confusion around the event lead some to believe that the event had started early by mistake, or those that saw it were witnessing a test run by Epic to see how the event would work. Epic's VP, Mark Rein, eventually tweeted out to correct that misinformation, highlighting that it was indeed New Years in Fortnite, because 2019 had already begun for some gamers.

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