Gears of War series may get Master Chief Collection-style remastering

The Gears of War series of games may be getting an official remaster in a similar form to the Master Chief Collection, according to some new rumors. Hinted at in a recent episode of the XboxEra podcast, host Nick Baker suggested that there was another major Microsoft franchise that was in the running for a remaster, and that it would be coming later this year. Details remain thin, but a lot of fingers are starting to point at Gears of War and its sequels for the next remastering.

Microsoft did well with its Master Chief Collection, and though its release and reception wasn't perfect, it's ended up in a place that makes it easier than ever to play back through some of those classic Halo games, as well as open up the audience to new Halo experiences coming down the pipe. A Gears of War remaster would be designed to do much the same, making money from old rope, whilst also ensuring everyone lines up to buy a new one when it comes out.

Gears of War has already seen some remastering, of course. The Gears of War Ultimate Edition, released in 2016, remastered the first game in the series, but we've not seen anything come to help out Gears of War 2 and 3, which could do with their muted grey and brown visuals from being given the 4K treatment.

If Microsoft does go down the GoW remastering route, will likely see at least those two games re-released, but it would be interesting to see if it goes further and gives a light uplift to other Gears games too.

Whatever state it is, we're looking at an E3 announcement before we learn anything concrete.

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