Goat Simulator dev's next game is actually supposed to be good

Goat Simulator was a very silly game and it was meant to be. It was meant to break, to do unexpected things, to just be about messing around in a game with stupid physics that didn't make sense and to laugh at how ridiculous games can be at times. It worked really well for what it was and having tapped into the YouTuber Let's Play community, made millions, upon millions of dollars by selling millions of copies.

The developer behind it, Coffee Stain Studios, isn't looking to make crap forever though. In fact with its next game, Satisfactory, it's hoping to create something much better, with a real purpose and real gameplay. What that is, is still somewhat up in the air, but the new teaser trailer gives us a quick look at some of the game's graphics at least and they are quite pretty.

The Satisfactory logo reveals a cross between industrialized society and nature, which the trailer does hint at with its juxtaposition of a cute little alien dog thing and some sort of welding, construction machinery and hefty, smoke-belching vehicle.

If you want to be one of the first to try out the new game in its Alpha mode, there will be a public test-event in May (probably). To gain access, you need to head to the Satisfactory website and register your interest. If selected, you'll get to try the game out before anyone else and leak to us all what it's actually about.

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