Halo 4 Revealed. Will Redefine Halo Multiplayer

During Microsoft's Spring Showcase in San Francisco, 343 Industries creative director Josh Holmes showed off the first footage of Halo 4.

"[Halo 4 is] the beginning of an epic new sci-fi saga that will define the next decade for Halo," he boasted. "We don't want to imitate what's gone before. We need to find our own voice and give ourselves the freedom to take chances and push things forward. In some ways you can see Halo 4 as a bit of a reboot."

Halo 4 will feature updated vehicles, enemies and weapons, all running on an updated version of the engine that powered the previous games in the series. The game will take place directly after the events of Halo 3 and have Master Chief facing a new, "ancient, very dark" threat in a "deeper, more emotional, impactful story, and a darker, more sophisticated theme."

And for the Halo multiplayer fans, the studio is working hard to "redefine what Halo multiplayer is and make it something that's indisputably Halo at its core but is evolved in important and innovative ways ... Our design goal is to dramatically reinvent the multiplayer experience - both the core element and surrounding modes."

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