Hatsune Miku's Switch game has a demo... in Japan

The Hatsune Miku Switch game is getting that bit closer to a more general release. It's out in Japan now though, and there's even a demo to give unsure gamers a chance to play with the digitized pop star and see what her game is all about. Don't let that get you down though, because if you sign up for a Japanese eShop account, you can download it yourself!

This is all possible because the Switch is technically a region free console, one of the platform's major advantages over its contemporaries from Microsoft and Sony. To take full advantage, you'll need to make a new Nintendo count listed in the Japan region, and login to it on your Switch. Then set your console's region to Japan and you're all set. Just look for the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega 39's demo, as per Kotaku.

Project Diva Mega 39's is a rhythm game featuring popular Hatsune Miku songs and leverages the Switch's left and right controllers' motion sensors to force you to match colors and placement of the controllers while watching and listening to Hatsune Miku music videos.

The game will have Japanese text and audio though, so if you'd rather hang on for the English version, we wouldn't blame you. It's set to arrive at some time later this year, so you won't have forever to wait.

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