Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne is now playable

If your card collection on Hearthstone feels complete, think again, as there are now a tonne of new cards to collect thanks to the release of the game's latest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne. It went live this morning, so you can now dig in to the new game, collect the new cards, take on the dreaded Lich King and unlock a new Paladin for your trouble.

What cards can you look forward to playing with in this latest expansion though? There is a brand new class of Death Knight hero cards, offering new hero powers and powerful abilities in their own right. There's a real chilly undead theme to them all too, giving a bit of a Game of Thrones White Walker vibe to the whole collection.

That's not to say every card in this expansion is evil though. There's the friendly Snowflipper Penguin and the Happy Ghoul who just seems pleased to be here.

Admittedly though, most of the others are rather terrifying. They're twisted and warped versions of cards you might know and love from elsewhere in the game. Their mix of traditional and entirely new abilities should make for some exciting combinations in the next few months of arena and ranked play.

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