Here's how Ark: Survival Evolved's Survival of the Fittest works

Here's how Ark: Survival Evolved's Survival of the Fittest works

It seems at this stage in the life of competitive gaming, almost everything is being turned into an Esport and Ark: Survival Evolved is no different. The competitive, cooperative, explorative, survival, dinosaur taming title had quite a popular mod known as Survival Of the Fittest. So popular in-fact, that that's now been spun off into its own, free game and now it's going to become a competitive Esport too.

The Survival of the Fittest game mode pits 72 players up against one another in 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 of 6v6 matchups, with between 30 minutes and an hour to try and build up their tribe to go to war with their opponents. The bigger meta game though, will see tribes and players divided up into leagues, each with their own top ten players from the game's four modes.

Each league will last a month, though players will retain their ranks if they can keep up winning.

They'll want to if they can as well, as ranked players will stand a chance of winning cash prizes each month, ranging from $750 for whoever is in 10th place, to $3,500 for the number one ranked player.

"Survivor League members will also be archived and celebrated throughout the game in the Survivor League Archives and members of this exclusive and honorary league will be invited to upcoming broadcasted Tournaments, so getting into the league is not just a way to win a large amount of money and glory, but also a way to earn even more prizes and glory in the future," Studio Wildcard said (via PCG). "We are serious about the Survival of the Fittest becoming a serious competitive e-sports game and with that, want to celebrate players who are dedicated and perform to the highest standard!"