Here's how to use any SSD with an Xbox Series X/S

Here's how to use any SSD with an Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft gave its Xbox Series X and S consoles the option of expanding its SSD storage with a specially crafted Seagate Expansion Card. It's an expensive, bespoke, and rather limited solution that only comes in a 1TB capacity. Now, though, a clever modder has proved it's possible to use any SSD with the Xbox Series X/S using an adapter.

They made it work using the CFE adapter card from a DSLR camera, with a Western Digital CH SN530 SSD plugged in. While this configuration worked best, it should be possible to make it work with any PCIE 4.0 NVMe SSD and a compatible CFe to NVMe adapter. Those aren't the easiest to get hold of, but can be found at camera accessory shops -- and likely more niche enthusiast stores moving forward.

The overall performance isn't as good as the Seagate Expansion Card, nor the internal Xbox Series X/S storage, but it can still hit 1,700MBps -- the maximum these sorts of CFe adapters allow. While that won't mean you can use it as an alternative way to boot up new-generation Xbox games with similar performance, it is a much, much faster way to play older games and a great way to store games locally that you might want to transfer to the internal storage for play -- especially if you've maxed out your Seagate Expansion card, or you don't want to pay the above average price for that kind of storage.

The actual process of using it is said to be very easy, though. All you need to do is plug the drive into the adapter and slot it into the Xbox, and it should pick it up.

If you have any luck with this method, let us know how it goes below. We're keen to hear any success stores.

Source: Bilibili