For Honor's servers are struggling under new player load

You would have thought that several closed and open play events for Ubisoft's recently released, For Honor, that when the game launched the servers would be ready for the influx of players. That's turned out to far from the truth however, as there are a lot of people struggling to find games, as the matchmaking service deals with the thousands who are looking to brawl away in the medieval-future world.

Errors players have encountered include simple issues connecting to the game at all, logging in to the online servers, matchmaking problems and as VG247 points out, a bizarrely unhelpful message that simply reads "Requirements not met," for some Xbox One players.

That of course doesn't make a lot of sense for a console, since of course your system is fully capable - otherwise why would the game be released? It's not to do with specifications or system requirements though, but a bizarre bug that seems to occur where you are in a party by yourself, but for some reason the game hasn't made you the party leader.

Ubisoft has pledged to work on the connection problems, but a number of players are seeing issues begin to fade away as the servers seem to catch up with new players joining the game. It may be that once the number of newbies joining the ranks of each faction have eased, that the servers will be able to handle things more easily.

For now though it seems like the best bet is either waiting, or trying to play at times that are a little less busy.

How have you guys been getting on with For Honor's launch so far?

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