If you aren't impressed by this tech demo I'll eat my hat

Seriously. I don't even own a hat, but if you don't like this new demo from Bravely Default developer Silicon Studio, showing off its impressive lighting effects in a new engine tech demo, I'll go and buy one just so I can eat it.

Have a look:

Even if you don't think the Wall-E like robot is cute, you have to be impressed by the detailing on those macro shots. There's not a hint of aliasing anywhere and that camera lens looks absolutely flawless.

The only thing is, Silicon Studio hasn't told us much about it, so while it's said to be running in "real time," that's very vague. We could be looking at a real-time demo, with pre-rendered lighting, or a demo being run on a server farm that can handle this sort of detail, it's just not clear.

Regardless, it's still impressive to look at and gives us an idea of where game visuals will be going in the future.

If you want to find out more about Silicon Studio, you could try applying for a job there, since it's hiring for "nex gen" development.

Head here for more info.

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