Jurassic World Evolution 2 will be a more streamlined experience

Jurassic World Evolution 2 will be a more streamlined experience

Jurassic World Evolution was a monster success, giving players the chance to recreate the — let's face it — Jurassic Park of their dreams, with a few of the embellishments from the modern era of movies. It had some frustrating elements, though, which made it a bit clunky, and there wasn't a huge depth of customization for enclosures, and a big focus on making money, which became far too easy after a short period of time. Jurassic World Evolution 2, will look to fix that.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 will speed up the production of dinosaurs, so hatcheries can begin the game producing multiple dinosaurs at once. You first create a clutch of eggs, and then they go through a maturation process before being released into the park. You can also use the "remote release" feature to immediately transfer dinosaurs from the hatchery elsewhere in the park — no more busywork choppering tranq'd dinos from one area to another.

There will be new wild dinosaurs to discover, bring in, or deal with as they roam the fringes of your park, or other parts of the world entirely. New special quest lines will let you capture these dinosaurs for unique additions to your park's roster of attractions.

New animations and behaviours will make dinosaurs more varied, and unpredictable, meaning you'll need to take more care in placing your viewing galleries to make sure they remain viable in larger enclosures. Dinosaur territories may see certain species begin to fight one another if they cross into eachother's turf. To ease the management of these dinosaurs, rangers can be stationed at enclosures too, so they'll periodically scan ever dinosaur to make sure they're healthy and well fed.

Hopefully there will be some automatic feeder refills too.

We'll learn more about Jurassic World Evolution 2 as we head towards its release later this year.