League of Legends pro fined for toxic play

Continuing to show that it expects a certain level of professionalism from its "pro" players, League of Legends developer Riot Games, has announced that ADC for the Compenhagen Wolves, Konstantinos ”Forg1ven” Tzortziou is being fined $1,000 for his continued toxic behaviour in his streaming sessions and in general Solo-Q. He's been issued warnings in the past but has chosen to ignore them and will now pay the price.

“In recent months, [Konstantinos] ”Forg1ven” Tzortziou has exhibited poor behaviour, both in solo queue as well as on community streams," wrote one Riot moderator on the official forums. “This behaviour included, but was not limited to, in game harassment, verbal abuse, and general in game toxicity. Tzortziou was given multiple warnings by LCS officials, and despite acknowledging his behaviour, he has made no subsequent steps to improve.”

Citing rules broken as section 10.2.7 of the LCS ruleset, which states no professional players may violate the Summoner's Code, Riot has issued the fine. However some have called foul, suggesting that it's not even remotely high enough to make a difference. While Esports players aren't in the same league as many sportsmen around the world, they earn an alright wage and often have hugely shared accommodation so have minimal living costs.

It's also been pointed out that Riot has banned players in the past for toxic behaviour, which makes you wonder why it's only issuing a fine in this instance. It could be because it's changed its stance on negative players and would rather coerce them into playing by the rules instead of kicking them out, or it could simply mean that a case is still being put together by the player run tribunal.

What do you guys think of the fine? Does it go far enough?

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