Lindows Gets Wal Mart Deal

Lindows Gets Wal Mart Deal

Lindows, a Windows-like OS produced by a small company, continue to frustrate Microsoft. First was the legal battle about the name, which Microsoft lost, then was the request made by for a list including all products which include the word Windows in their title.
But now the little company is beginning to bite Microsoft where it hurts.

Lindows scored a giagantic deal with one of the biggest retail chains in the world, in order to provide economy systems with Lindows pre-installed. The new range of PC's includes both Intel and AMD processors and prices begin at US$299 (AMD Duron 850 MHz) and peak at US$599 (Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz).

Not only does this deal produce the first crack in Microsoft's stranglehold of the market but it also creates a new breed of PC which combines a budget system with a budget OS. If this move succeeds it will mean that a whole new group of consumers, who previously considered PC's too expensive to buy and experiment with, will now own a fairly up to date system. Such a move could only be beneficial to the market as a whole, since the more PC owners, the greater the market for all PC related products and services.

The Package

Lindows partnered with Microtel Computer Systems to ship's Operating System, LindowsOS, pre-installed on their personal computers.

LindowsOS, a Linux-based operating system, formerly only available to
Insiders, is now publicly available for the first time on Microtel PCs.

LindowsOS and Microtel Computer Systems are changing the landscape of the computer industry, said Michael Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of, Inc. Microtel and LindowsOS are bridging the economical gap. Every family can have a viable computing solution in their home for the cost of a video game console and every business now has an affordable and easy-to-use option.

Robertson added We think its time that computers and computer software come down in price. When color televisions first hit the market only a few could afford them - now, it's commonplace for people to have multiple televisions in their homes. That same phenomenon should be taking place in the computer industry.'s pricing and value will break down the high-price model -our pricing will prevent the monopoly from continuing.

LindowsOS will be available on eight different Microtel computers each offering varying speeds and capabilities. The PCs come pre-installed with LindowsOS which include: an e-mail program, word processor, web browser/ file manager, address book, calculator, CD player, MP3 player, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, Microsoft Word Viewer, Microsoft Excel Viewer and an image viewer. See for all product listings.

All purchasers of Microtel computers also get a free trial membership that will allow them access to the hundreds of applications in the Click-N-Run Warehouse. The beauty of the Click-N-Run Warehouse is that users do not pay for each application they download. Instead, they enjoy unlimited access to all applications for one US$99 dollar price. The Click-N-Run Warehouse Membership completely outfits a computer system for one-third the cost of an Office Suite (which typically costs US$400) for one flat fee. Computer users at any skill level will find the programs to be diverse and easy to use. Find out more about Click-N-Run Warehouse by visiting .

Working closely with, Inc., we've committed significant resources to Linux-based products in direct response to an increase in customer demand for Microsoft Windows alternatives, said Rich Hindman, Vice President of Microtel Computer Systems. Microtel saw a need for another choice on the desktop and, with their solid business model and products, offered Microtel customers the most value for their dollar.

Hindman added, is a perfect venue for Microtel machines and the LindowsOS operating system. Both and Microtel have identified a need for choice in the computer industry, hence the introduction of a Linux-based operating system on a great, affordable personal computer. This type of forward thinking puts the customers of Wal-Mart, Microtel and LindowsOS first.

Computer builders (including OEM's, System Builders, VAR's, White Box Manufacturers, System Integrators, Resellers) interested in shipping LindowsOS should email