Make sure you grab this critically acclaimed RPG for free

Make sure you grab this critically acclaimed RPG for free

Looking for a new RPG to sink hours of time into? The Epic Games Store has what you need, as it's giving away the critically acclaimed and celebrated game Dragon Age: Inquisition for completely free.

News in brief

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest free game on the Epic Games Store
  • The game won over 130 Game of the Year awards
  • Game comes with all DLC included


For the uninitiated, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third major game in the Dragon Age franchise, and was released in 2014. Functioning as a follow up to the original two games, the game follows the player character as they fight to close demonic rifts popping open across the world of Thedas. You won't be fighting alone, though, as you have a large roster of recruitable (and romanceable) characters to choose from to send on missions. The state of the world depends heavily on how you respond to crises, and who you send on missions, and a lot was made of how much depth the game offers for a game released in 2014.

Combat is a mix of strategic and real-time action, and you'll be able to pick between the two styles as you see fit. Dragon Age: Inquisition very much sits in a time when real-time RPG combat was king, and more traditional CRPG combat was very much on the back foot. Games like Baldur's Gate 3 would help bring back that style of strategic combat to the mainstream, but that was still some time away, and Dragon Age: Inquisition's choice of styles gives you the flexibility to approach a situation as you see fit.

The Epic Games Store continues to offer big games for free as it seeks to compete with Steam. It's made little headway in this battle with the PC gaming monolith, but many games are still taking advantage of the many free games offered by the store, and it's always worth checking in to see what you have access to. This offer for Dragon Age: Inquisition won't last forever, though, so make sure you claim it before it expires on May 23.