Making Aliens: Colonial Marines Look Better


Ok Aliens:Colonial Marines stinks. We've heard that from almost every review site out there and fans have echoed equal sentiment. However, for those that are still struggling away at the game, trying their hardest to enjoy it, there are some things you can do. Minor modifications to .ini and settings files have allowed some users to make this generic Sci-Fi shooter distinctly more Alien.

While not all tweaks are recommended, as they seem to merely make the game darker rather than actually improve its atmosphere. However some actually make an impressive difference, as well as improving the graphical quality a little - like the gun in the headline picture for this piece.

Another interesting revelation surrounding the .ini digging however, is that the references to graphics cards for certain in-game settings all date back several years, with no mention of modern cards, suggesting that this game is built on a lot of old tech. Considering its visuals and the final state of the game, it's not surprising - especially since we know the game took almost six years to develop to this state.

If you want to try out the tweaks, here's a step by step guide. If you give them a go, let us know how you get on.