Microsoft MMOG Promises Mythica Profits

Microsoft MMOG Promises Mythica Profits

It seems that Microsoft have decided to get all of N. America to subscribe to them in some form or other. First it was the XBox Live service which has really taken off in the states and now the promise of an MMOG which will create a virtual world as persistant as its creators.

MS announced the in-house development of Mythica, a revolutionary online PC game that uses new Private Realms Technology to merge the depth and sophistication of a single-player game with the social experience of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Mythica is scheduled to arrive on store shelves in 2004.

When playing 'Mythica,' players will feel like genuine Norse heroes on a personalized journey unique to them, said Adam Waalkes, studio manager for role-playing games at Microsoft Corp. Through 'Mythica,' Microsoft Game Studios will revitalize the massively multiplayer genre by putting the focus where it belongs: on gameplay.

In the quest to become the one true hero in a vast gaming world, players may adventure with a band of fellow immortals into huge, populated public spaces or enter a Private Realm. Mythica's Private Realms Technology envelopes players in story lines and environments that react to their actions in private areas of the world. Here players become the central characters in a heroic tale where actions have lasting consequences in their own persistent game world.

The Private Realms are spread across several traditional planes of existence from Norse mythology, from the grassy fields and eternal spring of Asgard to the fiery heart of Muspellheim. Using godlike powers, players can dispel droves of menacing monsters with a single blow or battle massive, monstrous beasts such as the Midgard Serpent.

'Mythica' is a delicate balance between a massively multiplayer game with mechanics, depth and socialization expected by veteran online gamers, as well as the intimacy and self-determination of a single-player adventure, said Matt Wilson, executive producer. In our game, players truly feel like they're center stage in their own adventure.

Mythica will be shown publicly for the first time in Microsoft's booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, May 14--16, 2003. An ESRB rating for Mythica is pending.