Microsoft Planning to Drop XNA and Perhaps DirectX


An internal email from Microsoft that has been leaked to the press, is suggesting that the software giant plans to drop its XNA development framework over the next few years and even is keen for companies to move away from using DirectX as the technology is "no longer evolving."

"The purpose of the communication is to share information regarding the retirement of XNA/DirectX as a Technical Expertise," reads the email (via CVG). It goes on to say that currently the XNA Game Studio is not in active development and that DirectX has halted in its progress.

It's not really known at this point why Microsoft is looking to phase out two of its most successful and popular developmental technologies. However, it could well be because there is a sequel to one or the other (or both) currently in the works. This is mere speculation at this point, but it would certainly be interesting to see the PC gaming keystone, DirectX, disappear for good.

Another rumour associated with this is that the removal of XNA, could mean Microsoft doesn't plan to support indie gaming for much longer and perhaps means on the next-gen system, or new iteration of Xbox Live, it could remove indie game support. This seems unlikely however as the growth of indie titles has generated huge amounts of income for Microsoft, through popular titles like Bastion.

So what do you guys think this sounds like? A move into the future, or Microsoft circling its wagons in a similar fashion to Windows 8?