Miyamoto Uncomfortable With Calling Zelda Wii U An Open World Game

Most gamers, ourselves included, were excited about the new open-world Wii U Zelda game that was announced during E3. During this week's shareholders meeting, Shigeru Miyamoto wasn't really comfortable describing the game as such.

"I prefer not to use the generally used term 'open world' when developing software," he said. "This term means that there is a large world in which players can do numerous things daily."

Nonetheless, Miyamoto assured that the upcoming game will offer more freedom than previous 3D installments.

"In the traditional Legend of Zelda series, the player would play one dungeon at a time. For example, if there are eight dungeons, at the fourth dungeon, some players may think, 'I'm already halfway through the game,' while other players may think, 'I still have half of the game to play.'"

"We are trying to gradually break down such mechanism and develop a game style in which you can enjoy The Legend of Zelda" freely in a vast world, whenever you find the time to do so."

The upcoming Wii U Zelda game is still to be named, but it has been confirmed by Nintendo as a 2015 Wii U exclusive.

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