N-Gage QD Cheaper Than Expected

N-Gage QD Cheaper Than Expected

Nokia has started shipping the latest addition to the N-Gage platform, the N-Gage QD game deck, for markets in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. The surprise has come from the expected price of the gaming phone, which is now expected to retail for Euros 49.99 (USD 60.60), a good Euros 50 cheaper than initially announced. It could go to zero euros in some markets with subsidies, said Nokia spokesman Damian Stathonikos. The full unsubsidized price will remain at Euros 199.

The N-Gage QD will attempt to set things right after the trouble its predecessor run into. Nokia itself has suggested that the original N-Gage failed to meet expectations due to its small screen and awkward game cartridge location. The QD is a compact device with a hot-swappable multimedia (MMC) slot for instant gaming, longer battery life, improved gaming controls, brighter screen, powerful smartphone features and the new N-Gage Arena launcher application. Gamers will be able to play all of their favorite N-Gage titles, connect to the worldwide mobile gaming community over mobile networks via the N-Gage Arena as well as take part in close-range mobile multiplayer gaming via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Available in specialist game shops, as well as mobile operator outlets, the N-Gage QD game deck supports existing N-Gage game titles as well forthcoming N-Gage exclusive titles like Ashen, Pathway to Glory and Pocket Kingdom: Own The World, and blockbuster hits like The Sims Bustin' Out, Crash Nitro Kart and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004.

The new N-Gage Arena launcher makes accessing the N-Gage Arena easier than before, with direct access to the N-Gage Arena community directly from the game deck. N-Gage Arena members can communicate with one another, download exclusive content, access rankings statistics, participate in events and activities, and more.

The N-Gage QD game deck also supports advanced smartphone features such as personal information management, XHTML browser, email and the possibility to download and install additional Series 60 applications.