New Batch of ARMA 3 Screenshots Are Stunning

While many of you I'm sure are eagerly awaiting the standalone version of Day Z, the shooter purists out there are keeping their eyes peeled for the next generation of that game's backbone - ARMA. Today sees a new batch of screenshots released into the wild for ARMA III, a game-world so pretty it's hard to imagine blowing any of it up.

While foliage is still not quite at a photo realistic level, so of those vistas are damn convincing. Just look at the one with mountains of blue sky and a jet in the background. Tell me that doesn't look like a photo to you?

Interestingly people still don't look quite right - if we're being uber critical here - but this is certainly a next-gen engine that is going to cripple more than a few PCs before it's done.

Bohemia will be showing off the new engine tweaks found in ARMA III (Real Virtuality 4) at the E3 expo, alongside DayZ, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming few weeks for more information on the combat simulator.

Cheers PCGAmesN.

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