New Via Console Coming Soon

New Via Console Coming Soon

APEX Digital is scheduled to announce a new PC gaming platform at CES in Las Vegas this week. The current name of the product is the ApeXtreme Console and the fact that it will be announced at an event primarily sponsored by VIA Technologies is no coincidence. Apparently the console will be based on the CN400, VIA's newest chipset. The chipset is expected to produce a major improvement over the CLE chipset by allowing for an AGP chip.

If you are wondering where you have seen the shape of the console before it will help if we let you know that the design/base unit was provided by Digital Interactive Systems, makers of the DISCover system.

Richard Brown, Associate Vice President of Marketing for VIA Technologies has indicated that the console will be available in two versions, one with an integrated Unichrome graphics core (MSRP USD 299) and one with the DeltaChrome graphics chip (MSRP USD 399) from S3 Graphics, another VIA associated product.

Nadeem Mohammad, Product Marketing Manager for S3 stated, S3Graphics is excited to partner with Apex Digital by providing our latest DeltaChrome graphics processor as part of the core technology of the ApeXtreme Console. We feel that the ApeXtreme Console is an outstanding platform for current and next generation PC-based games without the constraints of proprietary licensing.

The CES web site description of the console also offers some insight into its functionality:

ApeXtreme is an electronic game console that plays games designed to be played on a personal computer. Its Windows architecture means that the ApeXtreme is not platform-dependent like other consoles.

The fact that this console will also be based on Windows indicates that it will have broader goals compared to the XBOX and PS2. The Windows XP operating system will be embedded, and optimized for quick boot times for instant-on capability. The unit will target the following tasks:

- Gaming (up to and including Dx9 titles)
- DVD Playback (Integrated Mpeg 2 decoder and six channel audio)
- MP3 Playback
- Image Viewing


- 1.4 Ghz C3 processor
- 20 GB Hard drive
- 256 MB RAM
- DeltaChrome or UniChrome based graphics chip

Anticipated connectivity options are as follows:

- USB 2 ports
- DVI / S-Video output
- Ethernet / Modem

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