New Monster Hunter Online Screens

Monster Hunter Online Monster Hunter Online Monster Hunter Online Monster Hunter Online

Some new screenshots for Monster Hunter Online have appeared, showing us not only some of the prettier environments, but what one of the game's boss monsters looks like: Gendrome, a desert raptor.

Appearing first in Monster Hunter Frontier and returning in Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter Online, Gendrome features poisonous fangs and a pack of smaller creatures (similar to the Great Jaggi) to keep hunters occupied while it charges in.

have a few different attack options, including a charging lunge towards hunters, a variety of different close range bites and slashes with its teeth and claws and it'll be able to call in reinforcements too - again, very similar to its raptor cousins, the Great Jaggi and Great Baggi.

However, a couple of new moves that set it apart, including a pounce, which sees it jumping into the air and attempting to land on and pin unwary hunters. It'll also do splash damage on landing. Its only other aggressive move is a sneaky one, as the Gendrome kicks up dust into the faces of hunters, obscuring their view.

The new screenshots are just as tantalizing as ever and make me really pray for a Western release of this. It's uncertain now if we'll be able to play it outside of China, but here's hoping.