New Ryzen Clock Tuner unlocks 5GHz AMD CPUs

The new version of the AMD Ryzen Clock Tuner from 1usmus has finally made something possible that AMD fans have been hoping for since the release of the first generation Zen CPUs: an AMD processor that could hit 5GHz. With added support for the AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors and a new "PX" profile, it's now possible to push AMD Ryzen chips as high as 5GHz.

The Clock Tuner tool by Yuri "1usmust" Bubily was released last year and offered a new way for AMD Ryzen gamers and system enthusiasts to unlock additional performance from their processors for free and without much time investment. Instead of painstakingly changing settings and running stability tests manually, the software does it all automatically. It even tweaks detailed settings and undervolts the processor if desired, making it run faster, and cooler and quieter.

It's only gotten better since then, with version 2.0 released earlier this year offering the widest range of support and most efficient CPU enhancements to date. Version 2.1 is available to patrons now, and will receive a wider release in the Spring. It offers a brand new "PX" profile which reportedly helps push processors even further, without impacting stability.

It goes beyond the ability of AMD's own Performance Boost Overdrive, stripping away some of the temperature thresholds to achieve greater performance than anything yet seen, and allowing 5GHz clock speeds on some CPUs. It works best with Zen 3, Ryzen 5000 processors, with plans to extend this profile to Zen 2 CPUs in the future.

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