New WarCraft RTS announced

5 years after the release of WarCraft 3 in july 2002 and its frozen throne expansion in 2004, Blizzard has finally announced a new RTS game in the WarCraft universe.

Warcraft: Heroes of Azeroth takes place 15 years after the end of the brutal Second War, and 6 years before the beginning of world of warcraft. Humans are enjoying their victory, while the orcish clans are regrouping under the banner of a new visionary leader, but this will end soon when the skies rain fire and the world tremble before the coming of the Burning Legion. It is the Third War.

Warcraft: Heroes of Azeroth -which comes in 4 different boxes- looks and feels a lot like WarCraft 3 with a minimum requirements of 400 MHz Pentium II or equivalent CPU and an 8 MB 3D video card, so don't expect much eye candy.

The official game features are:

- Four unique factions - humans, orcs, undead, and night elves - each armed with distinctive units, magical abilities, and weapons of war.
- View the land of Azeroth from an entirely new top-down perspective!
- Legendary Heroes have the ability to advance in level and learn new spells and abilities that will make them the core of your force.
- Play as and interact with many key World of Warcraft personalities, such as Illidan, Sylvanas, and Thrall.
- See many World of Warcraft locations in a whole new light, including Stratholme, Silvermoon City, the Plaguelands, Ashenvale, and Dustwallow Marsh.
- Create bases made up of your favorite World of Warcraft buildings, such as the Lumber Mill, Stables, Farm, Blacksmith, and Gold Mine of Arathi Basin!
- Create dozens of units based on World of Warcraft, including abominations, night elf huntresses, wisps, and orc shamans!
- Compelling player-vs.-environment gameplay - kill monsters, known as "creeps," for experience, gold, and drops.
- Intense player-vs.-player combat - battle human opponents on huge battlegrounds, where each person controls an entire army!
- Special units, such as dwarven gryphon riders and troll batriders, can use flying mounts in Azeroth!
- View the never-before-seen origins of the draenei and blood elves!
- A fully-featured map editor allows you to create your own maps for single-player as well as multiplayer battles - create your own Alterac Valley!
- Full multiplayer support, including Internet play over
- And much more to be announced in the near future...

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