Next-Gen Consoles - Title Comparison

Next-Gen Consoles - Title Comparison Next-Gen Consoles - Title Comparison

Wikipedia, the ultimate source on Truthiness we hear, has unveiled a section which contains a list of the full 151, Pokemon anyone, games that are currently under development for the Wii console by Nintendo. The same website also includes information on the games being developed for PS3 and X360.

The lists, compiled by Wikipedia authors, are fairly comprehensive and cover every announced game that is being developed for the next-gen consoles. The Wii list includes such unimpressive titles as the Godfather but also highly anticipated classics such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and some hidden little gems like Mercury Type R.

The true power of the current Wii hype however shines through when you consider the number of titles currently under development for all three next-gen consoles: Microsoft's XBox 360, a console that has been around for 3/4 of a year, has 214 games being made for it while Sony's PS3 has an underwhelming 120 games going for it, Nintendo has however, managed to secure 151 games for its baby.

Sony's PS3 promotion efforts have been hampered by recent cancellation announcements, creating an odd anti-PS3 climate in the media. Sony's Phil Harrison may be, in part, to blame for missing the point in some interviews but the real obstacle for developers seems to be the lack of official Sony support. The latest PS3 games to be cancelled are FROM Software's Dark RPG and Black Blade for PS3. Sony however, is insisting that the loss of these games, as well as that of Oblivion, Theisis, Elveon, Endless Saga, Condemned:Criminal Origins and some others will not impact its lineup.

Although the Wikipedia list includes 120 PS3 titles Sony claims that the real total, the one that includes unannounced games, is over 200. Nintendo is even more straight forward and admits that out of the full 151 games only about 27 will be ready for launch but that still means that Wii owners will get a decent choice of games when the console launches.

If you are still undecided about which next-gen console to buy, the above information should prove extremely useful to you.