The next-generation 3DMark benchmark is here

The next benchmark that is going to be giving gaming PCs a hard time over the next few years, is here. UL Benchmark's Speed Way is now available and it's already making RTX 4090s work hard, so if you aren't running the latest and greatest graphics card, could luck getting a high frame rate and score. This new test is a demanding one.

As has become typical in recent years, this new 3DMark benchmark isn't going to blow you away for its visuals in the way that 3DMarks of the past did, but it's still pretty, with some wonderfully subtle ray traced lighting, high quality textures, and impressive real time shadows. It's a demanding benchmark that is only just about hitting 60 FPS on an RTX 4090 that had been overclocked to 3GHz, so don't expect to hit even 30 FPS unless you have one of the best GPUs in the world.

That probably means no RX 6000 GPUs either, as though they are very powerful at the top end, their ray tracing performance is poor enough that they probably won't spit out great frame rates in this. For that, we'll need RDNA 3.

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