Nintendo Boss: Pleasing The Audience Trumps Artistic Value

Nintendo is known for being one of the most innovative and artistic game developers, but company president Satoru Iwata revealed that the company’s real priority is creating whatever works for the audience.

"Nintendo developers are extremely insatiable when it comes to whether what they make resonates with customers or not," he said. "They'll do anything to achieve it. Both (Shigeru) Miyamoto and I repeatedly say, 'It's not like we are making pieces of art, the point is to make a product that resonates with and is accepted by customers.'"

"Creating is like an expression of egoism," he added. "People with a strong energy to create something have a 'this is the strength I believe is right' sort of confidence to start from. Their standpoint is that this is the right thing to do, so this must be what's good for the customer as well. But the final goal of a product is to resonate with and be accepted by people. You can't just force your way through. By saying, 'The point is to be accepted,' I mean, if you go to a customer with your idea and you realize they don't understand it, it's more important that they do and you should shift your idea."

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