Nintendo Shows Off New Characters in Smash Bros Trailer


As part of Nintendo's E3 presentation, it showed off one of its unreleased Wii U titles and perhaps the most anticipated game of the whole E3 show, Super Smash Bros Wii U. Unfortunately for fans, this one it's coming until sometime in 2014.

The trailer opened up showing some of the series' traditional gameplay, though with somewhat poor looking visuals. However, one click look at the bezel surrounding the video and you quickly realise this is a 3DS release of the game. A few seconds later and the character transform into their HD selves and we get a real look at what the game will look like.

What follows is the traditional frantic battling of characters back and forth across new arenas and with the odd new power, but it's not until the new characters show up that things get interesting.

First up is The Villager, from Animal Crossing, who manages to catch Mario in his net. The real show stealer though is Megaman, who appears attop a mountain and showcases a lot of different weaponry - as you might expect from the long time Nintendo and Capcom mascot.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on this game as the E3 expo continues.