Nokia has N-Gage QD and 11 Titles

Nokia has N-Gage QD and 11 Titles

Nokia gears up for E3 2004 with a slew of new titles to accompany, its recently announced N-Gage QD game deck. Nokia will be showcasing 11 N-Gage games: Pathway to Glory, Pocket Kingdom: Own the World, Ashen, Crash Nitro Kart, The Sims Bustin' Out, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, Call of Duty, Bomberman, Operation Shadow, Requiem of Hell, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004.

The N-Gage booth, inspired by the concept of global community, virtual worlds and friendly competition, is reminiscent of a modern coliseum. The large center stage showcases the N-Gage titles, while seven projected panels beam 360-degree videos. E3 attendees can get into the action by trying out the games or hanging out on the stadium-style seating to check out the fun and activity. A special World War II bunker houses live demonstrations of Pathway to Glory, Nokia's multiplayer action oriented strategy game.

The N-Gage booth will feature games in a variety of genres from simulation to strategy and action/adventure. All games will be shown and played on the recently announced new N-Gage QD, the second game deck in the N-Gage series. The Nokia N-Gage game line-up includes:

Pathway to Glory is Nokia's multiplayer action oriented strategy game. Set during World War II, players create and control their own platoon of soldiers to complete historically accurate missions and engage in real-time battle with other gamers from around the world.

Pocket Kingdom is the world's first massively multiplayer online mobile game. Pocket Kingdom challenges gamers around the world to build mighty online empires. Players will dispatch armies across the land of Ulgress, exploring the countryside and conquering territory. In single player mode, the map is teeming with NPC opponents to battle and build up the experience of one's legions. Online, in the N-Gage Arena, players will encounter thousands of other players from around the world, competing against each other for spoils and glory-- all competing to Own the World.

Ashen is a first-person shooter that delivers fast-paced gameplay and terrifying enemies. Plunging into the chaos-stricken Seven River City, gamers take on the role of Jacob Ward. Tearing their way through immersive environments, players choose from nine unique weapons to ward off the wall-climbing, alien enemies. Mobile multiplayer features include deathmatch and mini-games modes, eight single/multiplayer maps and two unique multiplayer maps.

Crash Nitro Kart puts gamers in the drivers seat and motors them through crazy turns, roads and tracks, all in the name of saving Planet Earth. With 18 playable characters, including Crash, Coco, Crunch, Cortex, Tiny and N.Gin, and over three race modes, gamers won't be slowing down for any red lights. Players can test their road-skills against others via Bluetooth wireless multiplay in Arcade Race Mode, Versus Race Mode and Battle Mode, or join in via an N-Gage Arena match and unlock secret characters during shadow racing contests.

In The Sims Bustin' Out, gamers choose from a variety of mini-game careers and unlock and collect over a hundred new items. With a cast of over 25 new, outrageous and just plain crazy characters, playing, working and living has never been more social! Its also hard work, as players must satisfy the traditional eight core Sim motives of bladder control, comfort, hygiene, and hunger.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm brings gamers face-to-face with Colombia's worst drug cartels and challenges them to shut down the drug trafficking and senseless murders for good. This action-packed game sports original missions and modes, designed exclusively for N-Gage. Co-operative and adversarial multiplayer modes, with up to eight players are available via Bluetooth.

Call of Duty, an action game, lets gamers relive the epic stages of WWII as an American, British, and then Russian soldier fighting the Nazi war machine. The story progresses from US Airborne drops behind enemy lines, to British SAS missions deep in enemy territory, to chaotic street fighting and tank battles on the eastern front. The N-Gage version delivers an immersive and realistic WWII experience complete with authentic weapons, sounds, vehicles and epic moments of WWII. The 11 missions range from full frontal assault to stealth and sabotage.

Bomberman, an action adventure game, transports gamers into a warped, dark world where they must navigate their way back to civilization, all the while trying to rescue the famed Golden Bomberman Statue from an evil thief. While exploring the eight different levels, players will encounter troubled bosses who use their mighty powers to halt any progress. Bomberman offers five multiplayer battlemodes via Bluetooth connectivity.

Operation Shadow pits gamers against extremist organizations in the country of Arawas. In this action title, war is waged in multiple vehicles, ranging from helicopters to tanks and jeeps. As the game progresses, enemies engage the player with increased sophistication due to Operation Shadow's advanced AI. Operation Shadow supports up to four players in deathmatch mode via Bluetooth.

Requiem of Hell thrusts gamers into the tormented world of Dragon City where they must destroy the notorious Dalu. This action title features originally designed characters and enemies, various game modes and Bluetooth multiplayer action.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 is the first sports simulation that supports N-Gage Arena online services. Enthusiasts club and swing their way through the toughest courses in this ultimate golf experience. Players can choose from six different famed golfers or custom create their own. As they progress from amateur to master, gamers earn medals and trophy money. Wireless multiplayer is supported via Bluetooth wireless technology and N-Gage Arena.