NV30 With 400MHz but Limited Memory

According to the latest NV30 rumours, leaked information suggests that the NV30 range of cards will feature clock speeds centred around the 400 MHz mark. Although initially nVidia had suggested that they were aiming for lower clock speeds than that, it is slowly becoming evident that 400 MHz is what the graphics company will rely on.

Other information about the upcoming chip remains as it was. It will carry 8 pipelines and will consist of 120 million transistors built on the 0.13 micron process.

What does seem, initially, to be worrying for all nVidia fans is that the card will almost certainly rely on a 128 Mbit memory. Yup that is half compared to the 256 Mbits (DDR) which the 9700 and 9700 Pro's carry. It is of course unlikely that nVidia will not go out of their way to demonstrate how they have compensated for that and still managed to produce a top notch card.

It seems that benchmarks will once again rule the net.

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