Oculus Is Canceling eBayed Rift Pre-orders

The pre-order of an Oculus Rift DK2 that was auctioned on eBay has been canceled by Oculus VR.

More than 45,000 Oculus Rift units have been pre-ordered by the end of last month. Of those, only 10,000 units are expected to ship this month while the rest will have to wait indefinitely for the next shipment. As usual, people tried to cash in on the supply gap by auctioning their pre-ordered units on sites such as eBay. The headset's retail price is $350, but asking price on eBay went up as high as $5,000 in one listing that has been canceled now.

Needless to say, Oculus Rift fans were not very pleased with the fact that some people are buying their ways into the line. They started bombarding the seller with questions in hopes of getting out enough details to get his pre-order canceled. Not much later, they managed to pinpoint the exact time the reseller’s pre-order had been placed.

"Don't worry guys. We found him and we cancelled his order," an Oculus VR community manager assured the fans by the afternoon.

"Just so everyone is clear, the information provided alone was not enough to take action. We perform our own investigations with tools at our disposal to make sure that there isn't a false positive."

"Our community is awesome! Thank you for helping us make sure that we are getting kits into the hands of devs and shutting down profiteers."

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