Ok there really is a Half Life 3 in development

Counter to what you might have just read in my news piece on Half Life 3 being trademarked by Valve, where I suggested this was no indication that a game was being made and that likely even if it was, it would be in the early stages. Yea, ignore all that, as it turns out Half Life 3 is in development, with some of the senior staff from Half Life 2 working on it.

This all comes from a rumoured leak doing the rounds over at Gematsu, which shows internal management data of who's working on certain projects - one of which, is Half Life 3.

The page that housed this information has been pulled down - presumably by Valve - but fortunately a few screengrabs were taken before it could be, meaning we all get to take a peek at the hidden innards of Valve's development.

There's a lot of people working on both Half Life 3 and "Half Life 3 Core," including many Half Life 2 alumni and even Half Life 2 mod, Minerva creator, Adam Foster.

Valve has yet to comment on this information leak and it would be ultimately surprising if it did at this point, since it hasn't mentioned anything about Half Life 3 since the release of Half Life 2: Episode 2. Either way though, it looks like finally, we may be moving towards a day where Half Life 3 might become a reality.

What do you guys think? Exciting, or no?

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