PC Mass Effect Gets An Overhauled HUD

The Pc release date of Mass Effect has been pushed back 3 whole weeks to May 28, 2008, but rest assured, it was done for a good reason.

According to the game's developer, Bioware, the delay is needed to finalize the PC version's exclusive all new HUD. "If it's going to work, it's got to work perfectly," said Mass Effect project director Diarmid Clarke. "It can't look like a piece bolted onto the game."

The new HUD allows for much easier access to biotic powers and weapons by doing away with the radial HUD used in the 360 version. "All of the wheel stuff is now on the screen, you're not flicking between menus," Clarke explained. "It's all just point and click now."

The PC version of Mass Effect will also allow players to assign hotkeys to biotic powers as well as squad commands.

Bioware has released a few screenshots of the new HUD, be sure to check them out in the screens tab.

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