PCSX2 Emulator Gets Custom Texture Support

PCSX2 Emulator Gets Custom Texture Support

Custom texture support has arrived in the popular PS2 emulator, PCSX2, making it possible to bring in much cleaner looking textures for a better looking PS2 gaming experience. This is something that's been possible in other major emulators for some time, but the developers have now made it possible with PS2 games, marking a major step in the road to bringing back all the classics and making them look better than ever.

YouTuber Someother1ne showed how impressive this can look, highlighting that you can switch everything from road textures, to skyboxes, to clothing on different characters — and it can have a dramatic effect on how good the game looks.

What makes this achievement doubly important, is it means that not only can textures be higher resolution, but they can be more seamless too. With less defined edges, it can make the game world look far more realistic, bringing the game up to the kind of detail level that wasn't typically possible until later generation consoles.

You can download the PCSX2 emulator directly from Megagames here. For more information on how to get the texture replacement working, here's a Github thread to read through.

Image source: Kotaku