Playstation 2 supply shortage

In order to meet the overwhelming demand for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system worldwide, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is ramping up production capacity from 400,000 units a month to more than one million units a month in the fall, with a further increase to 1.4 million units by the end of 2000. Due to a components supply shortage, the company is tracking approximately one month behind in production. This is not expected to impact the previously announced worldwide fiscal year 2001 PlayStation 2 shipment figures.

Twenty-six software titles will be available at launch on October 26, with more than 50 titles released in time for the holidays. Additionally, 270 titles are currently in development for PlayStation 2 and 301 content developers and publishers are signed-up to create titles for the system, accounting for most of the software development community. Combine the more than 800 PlayStation titles currently available with the ability to play this library on PlayStation 2, and the new system boasts the broadest software catalog ever created.

"We are confident that in light of the huge installed base of the original PlayStation, now available in one out of every three U.S. households, combined with the ability to play the existing PlayStation software catalog, the PlayStation 2 launch in North American will prove to be an unrivaled success, truly demonstrating the company's innovation and leadership as the driving force behind computer entertainment."

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