Playstation 3 Secures Rat Race

Playstation 3 Secures Rat Race Playstation 3 Secures Rat Race Playstation 3 Secures Rat Race

Greg Easley one of the founders of Super-Ego Games, "a development studio with a different take on making games" announced a new Playstation 3 exclusive episodic comedy adventure called Rat Race.

Greg revealed the game on his personal blog page. "You'll read more about this in the game press soon, but I wanted to tell you about it here first."

Rat Race is a PS3-exclusive comedy/adventure game that will be available as individual episodes on PSN beginning this winter. Rat Race has been written and voiced by some really funny people with credits on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, My Name Is Earl, Saturday Night Live, South Park, Flight of the Conchords, Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, Comedy Central, and so on.

Rat Race is set in an office - an extremely dysfunctional one. The company is called BiggCo, and the people who work there make the Enron guys look like Nobel Prize laureates. Your job is simply to make it through the day as bombs go off all around you. As the clock ticks toward quitting time, you'll encounter a rogues gallery including: Joy Chung, an impossible, and impossibly hot, PR exec; Chip Bratsby III, a pompous jerk whose career focus is getting you fired; and Dr. Ron Durfman, a research scientist who may or may not be intimate with his lab monkey.

The game hopes to "give you the feeling of 'playing' inside an episode of your favorite TV show". There's more to Rate Race's experience than funny dialogue, says Greg Easley. Along the way you'll sneak, sprint, solve puzzles, eavesdrop, steal, and even 'neutralize' that lab monkey.