Playstation Network New EULA Is Evil

Playstation Network New EULA Is Evil

Less than two weeks left for the release of LittleBigPlanet, the first console game ever to rely solely on user content, and Sony is already making legal preparations for the huge event.

Quietly, Sony updated the Playstation Network EULA (End User License Agreement). The new EULA includes a single line stating that Sony has "the right to refuse to upload and/or to remove any User Material at our [Sony's] discretion", in addition to a whole section giving Sony the right to sell and redistribute user created content.

"You authorise us, our affiliated companies and other PSN users, to use, distribute, copy, modify, display, and publish your User Material throughout PSN and other associated services", read the new EULA. "You also authorise us and our affiliated companies, without payment to you, to license, sell and otherwise commercially exploit your User Material (for example, selling subscriptions to access User Material and/or receiving advertising revenue related to User Material), and to use your User Material in the promotion of PlayStation products and services. You must not commercially exploit User Material without our consent."

There is no arguing that Sony has the right to remove inappropriate user created content, but selling users' content without giving them a share of the profit looks a bit evil for us.

The new EULA also gives Sony the right to silently update your firmware and software without prior consent.