Project Offset Details

Project Offset Details

Just when you think that gaming's had it and that the big boys have placed their hands firmly round its throat, along comes a project to remind you that everything is possible.
This happened some time ago when Introversion's Darwinia reared its psychedelic head and now Offset Studios is truly causing ripples by blatantly stating that it is working on the first ever epic fantasy FPS.

So, sounds like a big deal but why should we be shocked that such a game is being made? The secret is in who is making the game, Offset Studios entire team are Sam MacGrath, Trevor Stringer and Travis Stringer. Again, you may wonder why three people working on a game amounts to anything, besides an extremely dull Christmas party that is; the answer is simple, it demonstrates that sometimes doing it for the love of games is more important than a vast budget.

The news about project Offset then is that its creators have released some new details to match the impressive video released a couple of days ago.

Multiplayer Details

The Multiplayer Competition aspect of Project Offset is designed to be fast paced and teamwork dependent. 2 teams are placed in a battle with a set of objectives. The first team to complete their objectives wins the battle. During the course of a battle, a player can choose from five or more character classes. Players will earn experience while playing that they can use to customize and improve their characters, as well as improve their individual rankings.

The number of players per game is expected to range from 8 to 64+, split evenly between the two teams.

Character Classes

Project Offset is a class based FPS. Each class has specific roles in a battle and brings with it one or more unique abilities. Although there are weapons each class share, each class has ranged and melee weapons unique to them. In order to win a battle, teammates must be coordinated in their usage of each class to successfully complete each objective.

Below is a list of some basic classes and their roles.

Human (Warrior)

-Primary role: The stock soldier in the group, useful in all combat situations

Elf (Marksman/Stealth)

-Primary role: Stealth and long ranged "sniper" attacks

Dwarf (Builder)

-Primary roles:
Constructs and repairs "constructible" objectives
Demolition using explosive devices


-Primary role: The life of the party


-Primary Role: Area Damage dealer


Certain battles will have vehicles or creatures that can be ridden.


- Fast moving, can be ridden by one player at a time


- Large, very slow moving device
- Can be boarded by players to protect them


- Ability to fly
- Can rain fire on enemies down below
- Can swoop down and grab enemies

Giant Troll

- Serves as a ground transport vehicle

Battle Ship

- Very large vehicle supporting many players, with ballista armaments


- Destructible environments
- Dynamically simulated deaths (ragdoll physics)
- Dynamic damage
- Arrows sticking / bouncing off objects and players
- Dynamic character reaction ("knockback") animations
- Falling blocks and debris


During the course of a war, players will travel through many different lands.

Environments will be epic in design, incorporating both indoor and outdoor areas. The visuals will vary from the vast and beautiful to the claustrophobic and scary depending on the battle.

Environments will play an important role in gameplay. Expansive outdoor environments will be conducive to vehicle combat, while enclosed environments will work well for melee combat.

The developers of the game are still looking for a publisher and are currently working based on donations, we have no doubt that someone will pick the project up sooner or later, let's hope that its creators retain control of it when that happens.