Project Scarlett is now the only next-gen Xbox

Microsoft has released a few scant details about its next-generation console, currently known as Project Scarlett. But one detail that we were aware of that wasn't so official, was that Microsoft was reportedly looking to tier its next-gen console offerings, with an entry level option akin to the Xbox One S, or Xbox 360 Arcade, with a more capable mid-tier offering at a higher price. But that may now have all changed.

The two systems were said to be codenamed Lockhart, for the entry-level option, and Anaconda for the higher-performance option. According to Brad Sams over at Thurrott, though, Anaconda is now the only system Microsoft is working on, with Lockhart all but cancelled.

According to Sams' sources, Microsoft was having difficulty with the development of two different hardware setups for the next-generation system. To get around those headaches, most developers were designing games with Lockhart in mind first, then bumping visuals for Anaconda. But this meant that ultimately, games weren't using the full power of the Anaconda system leading to weaker visuals than might otherwise be possible. With the refocus to just the singular next-gen system, games should be bale to take better advantage of the hardware.

Instead of offering an entry-level new console, Microsoft will instead push its more economically-challenged customers to use its in-development streaming service instead, which will be much more affordable in the short term.

Project Scarlett is expected to be released in the holiday season, 2020.

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