PSP Development Tool Ready

PSP Development Tool Ready PSP Development Tool Ready

SN Systems has today announced the release of ProDG for Sony Computer Entertainment's new PSP.

Apparently, ProDG is more than just a development tool, Andy Beveridge Co-Founder and Director of SN Systems commented, It doesn't stop there though; developers choosing ProDG for PSPTM are going to have a few more toys to play with in the near future, I just can't mention them all right now.

Yuji Naka, R&D Creative Officer of SEGA said, ProDG for PSP has rich functions and is very stable while keeping up with fast changes of development environments. SEGA is very satisfied especially with the fact that important functions such as .NET integration, fast compile speed, and good GUI of debugger are equipped from the early version.

ProDG for PSP will set the standard for the next generation of SN Systems console development tools as it will debut a number of new features not seen in past products. ProDG for PSP will now include SNC as the default compiler, a C/C++ compiler developed in house by SN Systems to deal specifically with console architecture and produce faster and smaller code. There's also a new debugger UI which has been completely redesigned. Enhanced features such as splitting, docking, tabbing and floating of panes, full multi monitor support and fully customizable menus, toolbars and keyboard shortcuts will all soon be available to ProDG for PSP users. Developers can also look forward to another new feature, expected at the beginning of the year; ProDG for PSP will now also have a floating license option, enabling even more flexibility within the product.

ProDG for PSP can be purchased by corporations who concluded appropriate contracts of PSP game titles development and can purchase tools and middleware products.