Retail Kinect Tracks Less Players And Joints Than Shown In E3 Demos

The technical specs listed on Kinect's page on retailer site is the most detailed released to date about Microsoft's new motion sensing control system, and it states that Kinect supports only two active players at a time.

The specs note that although the system can track up to 6 players, only 2 of those can be tracked simultaneously in-game.

The listing also revealed that the retail version of the system is able to track 20 joints per active player, down from the 48 joints tracked per player in Microsoft's demonstrations during Gamescom 2009. Another spec which seems to have been lowered is the depth camera resolution which went down from the 640x480 used in the original PrimeSense technology that Kinect is derived from, to 320x240.'s specs appear to be from an official source, but we are still waiting for a detailed spec sheet to be released by Microsoft.

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