Retro Handheld Pricing Announced

Retro Handheld Pricing Announced

2005 is destined to be remembered as the year of the handhelds. As if the onslaught of high end high-tech devices, PSP, DS, Gizmondo, were not enough, retro gaming is now officially going mobile. Fire International announced the pricing of the new BLAZE POCKET FAMI console for the United States

The BLAZE POCKET FAMI is a new handheld and is fully compatible with all NES and FAMICOM titles from Europe, Japan and USA. Consumers will now have access to the range of NES titles and the recent Retro revival will make classics such as the original Mario Bros. games, Final Fantasy, Zelda and other well known NES title available to old and new gamers alike.

The retail price of the BLAZE POCKET FAMI in the United States will be USD 69.99. For mail order sales the price will be USD 74.99 including postage and packaging.

The compact design features a 2.5" TFT screen, d-pad and standard and rapid fire button configurations. The BLAZE POCKET FAMI also boasts the ability to function as the original console and connect to a TV with the included cable, with the option of connecting 2 NES compatible Joypads into the console.

In Europe, the BLAZE POCKET FAMI includes a 72 pin adaptor to allow the bigger NES cartridges to connect as well as the smaller Japanese Cartridges, and is fully compatible with PAL and NTSC titles.

The POCKET FAMI gives retro-gamers a taste of gameplay from the 80's claim the makers of the unit.

To purchase a unit follow the download tab above, worldwide shipping can be arranged.