Revolution Says: Motion of the Ocean

Revolution Says: Motion of the Ocean Revolution Says: Motion of the Ocean

It's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean, claims an old saying and it seems that Nintendo agrees. Most of us would seem to think that anyone using the phrase has a pretty small ehm...boat but we may never find out how Revolution's schooner compares to its rivals, according to a Nintendo executive.

Senior director of marketing for Nintendo Europe, Jim Merrick, in an interview with a Dutch gaming magazine said, Regarding the specifications, we will probably never 'release' this information as we feel that it is largely irrelevant. While some of our competitors enjoy comparing specifications, it has little or nothing to do with how satisfied the consumers will be with the system and the games once they are released.

Mr. Merrick went on to say that many Nintendo Revolution games are being designed with the traditional controller in mind since the new design will not be compatible with all types of games. This option is there for new games that will be created, that are most suited to a traditional style of controller. We are not trying to say that the 'traditional' controller design is not valid, in fact Nintendo is responsible for most of the features that are found on today's traditional controllers... Merrick explained.

In another interview, the busy, Mr. Merrick discussed the Revolution launch plans and he was pretty certain that the entire world will get Nintendo's new console within a four-month period. Taking into account Mr. Iwata's comments that Revolution will launch in 2006 but after April and Mr. Merrick's previous claims that he expects playable Revolution games at E3 2006, we guess that a fall 2006 launch window is likely.
Mr. Merrick also claimed that Nintendo will not release any Revolution game footage or images before 2006 claiming that pictures are not relevant when gameplay is the most important aspect of the game.