Riot to support LoL college players with $100k

Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends and its phenomenal growth in the Esports scene, has announced that it plans to offer extra support to the burgeoning collegiate League competitions out there, by offering $100,000 in sponsorship to the team that can prove itself to be the best college team in North America.

So what do you and your college pals have to do to be applicable to enter? Good at League of Legends for a start, but beyond that, you'll need to register your team between January 6 and 22 and have all of your team registered at the same American or Canadian college. Your uni also needs to be officially accredited and you must have a roster of at least five (and a maximum of seven) players.

Then between January 25 and February 2 you'll play against other teams from around North America in what's known as the North American Collegiate Qualifier (NACL). The tournament will be single elimination and best of three.

When the top eight teams have been decided, they'll join four teams from IcyLol's fall season and four teams from the CSL qualifier, which will then all be split into four groups. The top two of each heads to the quarter-final and from there it's all the way to the top for one lucky team.

While only the best of the best will take home the cash prize, the top eight college teams will all get to compete alongside the pros (or at least on the same stage as them) by playing their last few matches of the tournament at an LCS event on February 22-23.

So how about it Megagamers? Are any of you the right age and have the necessary skilllset to compete in this?

For full rules and details check here.

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