Rumor: AMD To Release 5 GHz Centurion Processor

Sources close to AMD have whispered to that AMD is planning to reignite the CPU core speed war again by releasing the world’s first 5 GHz CPU.

The new processor, codenamed "Centurion", is a member of the FX Processors family and it is based on the Vishera architecture.

For comparison, AMD’s current fastest CPU, the AMD FX-8350 PC processor, runs up to 4.2 GHz; and Intel’s fastest Core i7 processor is no faster than 3.9 GHz. Of course CPU core speed is no longer the single deciding factor in a processor’s performance, but the 20% core speed boost is certain to make Centurion outperform all existing AMD FX processors by a large margin.

Acording to Hexus’ sources, a limited number of units will be produced and sold at $795 each.