Rumored Wii Successor To Have HD Screen In Its Controller

Following yesterday's rumors that a Nintendo is preparing to reveal its Wii successor during this year's E3 in June, a new wave of rumors hit the web today claiming to offer insight about the new console's features.

Most sources agree that the new console will be slightly more powerful than the Xbox 360 and that it is capable of high definition rendering.

Several sources, including French website 01net which revealed accurate details about the NGP ahead of its reveal, have claimed that the new console's controller will feature a 6 inch touch screen - with some sources claiming that it is an HD touch screen.

According to the rumors, the console's controller will sport a front facing camera along with a fairly standard d-pad, two bumpers, two triggers. The console will be fully compatible with Wii's accessories and it will be able to run both Wii and GameCube games.

One last rumor has that the new console's architecture is close to that of the Xbox 360, making porting 360 games to it easy.

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