Secret FPS Weapon Unveiled

Secret FPS Weapon Unveiled

MonsterGecko has finally revealed its secret weapon, aimed to improve the control of our 3D FPS experience. The device is the company's first high performance gaming mouse designed and styled specifically for 3D first-person shooter games. The PistolMouse FPS offers players faster reaction speed and better precision with its realistic pistol styling, multiple anodized aluminum triggers, over-size selectable scroll wheel, ergonomic hand position, and high-resolution optical tracking.

While first-person shooter video games have been one of the hottest selling PC game categories, gamers are primarily using standard keyboards and mice to play them. For serious gamers, nothing has been a suitable replacement for this combination. The PistolMouse FPS is designed to provide 3D gamers with a unique advantage in both single-player and multi-player environments over traditional mouse designs.

Joysticks and gamepads don't provide the resolution and accuracy needed for first-person shooters, said Ain McKendrick, co-founder and CEO of MonsterGecko. The PistolMouse FPS is designed to maintain the precision of a high-resolution optical mouse, but improves on ergonomics and player reaction speed to give gamers a competitive edge.

The PistolMouse FPS includes a primary and secondary grip trigger, plus an ambidextrous selectable thumb scroll wheel for both right and left handed players. By not having to reposition fingers, the PistolMouse FPS design gives gamers instant activation of four separate controls. The unique patent-pending base design of the PistolMouse FPS incorporates an offset optical sensor for quick response with simple wrist action.

The PistolMouse FPS has a MSRP of USD 69.95 and is compatible with both PC and Macintosh computers with a USB port. The PistolMouse FPS will be available this June at U.S. retail outlets. If you wish to purchase it online now, follow the download tab above.